Salon 94 Bowery

Salon 94 is very proud to present Marilyn Minter’s third exhibition at Salon 94 and her first at our Bowery space. The exhibition, 2 years in the making, has evolved from Minter placing glass plates between the camera and her subject when she shoots, be it shoes, a mouth or… a baby!

The painting Mercury is a central work in the exhibition, the portrayal of a gargantuan baby splashing through silver paint. Minter created the image using an intricate patchwork of negative scans, the 10 feet tall painting oozes in shimmering silver and dark shades of translucent enamel paint, layered over and over.

The motif of the baby splashing paint behind the window, oblivious of the viewer and building up an abstract motif on the glass plane is explored further in Marilyn Minter’s new video, Play Pen, featured in the gallery’s first floor. Shot with a Fantom slow motion camera, it features several babies bathing in silver paint. Smearing and splattering in the viscous liquid with contagious pleasure, the mighty toddlers splash silver across the entire frame, slowly saturating the screen with paint. Used by Minter since the Eighties the motif of the baby becomes a stand in for her fascination with our human search for pleasure. Minter also presents several large paintings of shoes splashing in silver paint. The sexy high heels now an excuse to paint amazing silver bursts and splatters. The viewer is teased into an unreachable illusion, kept away by the screen. From afar, one catches a glimpse of the feet behind the smeared glass, when drawing closer, the image collapses into abstraction.