The Deichtorhallen exhibition in Hamburg focuses on Marilyn Minter’s most recent work, featuring large-format paintings and color prints from the period 1990 to 2011 that highlights the interdependence of the two media:  “It is very important for the paintings and the photographs, which are more like drawings, to be installed in the same room.  My photographs make the paintings look better and I think the opposite is true as well.  It’s almost like an installation for me.  Seeing them together changes the meaning of the work” [Marilyn Minter in Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, ‘”A Pathology of Glamour”.  An Interview with Marilyn Minter’, Parkett, 79/2007, p.119]  Despite the inherently different characteristics of the media employed , the garish colouring of  Minters pictures and the repetition of motifs condense into an endless variation of the same theme- a haunting ode to the beauty of appearance.

Excerpt from the essay by Miriam Schoofs, “Pure Seduction, Marilyn Minter’s Aesthetics of Surface“,  Marilyn Minter, 2011, Deichtorhallen, Sammlung Falkenberg, Hamburg